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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful book. My daughters bought it for me for Mother’s Day and I stayed up until 2 this morning finishing it. I laughed and cried-2 of the most important things for me when I read. Please keep stories about Laura and Webb and Heidi and Erica coming!

      1. I am thrilled that a Heidi story might be coming. Your characters are all vivid and colorful and I enjoyed every one of them. I laughed and cried, so you really got me involved. Thanks, and I look forward to your next works!

  2. I kept putting the book down simply because I did not want to finish the story. I love a book that makes me laugh and cry. This did both. I also love a book where you are not obliged to always like the characters. Again this was accomplished. I’m not sure I have ever encountered a character that I loved as much or wanted to shake as much as Laura. I am eagerly anticipating your next book.

  3. I just finished your book and loved it. I am sad that it is over!! I loved every character and enjoyed every aspect of the story. Write another one please!

  4. I absolutely LOVED the book and your characters were so perfect. All I can think is what a great movie it would make, perhaps it was all that movie talk in the book!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I stayed up all night — that’s right, ALL NIGHT — because I couldn’t put the book down. I finished it at 5:20 a.m. this morning and had to start getting ready for work at 6 a.m. — and I have NO REGRETS AT ALL except for the fact that the story is over. Thank you for creating such wonderful characters and letting us peek into their world. Bravo!!!

    1. Thank you so much. What a kick to know that you liked Miss You Most of All enough to pull an all-nighter! I love those can’t-put-it-down experiences, but I imagine you might be hating me during the home stretch of your workday. I hope life gives you time to catch up on your sleep soon!

  6. So enjoyed Miss You Most of All from the beginning to the very end. We are all on a journey and you did an excellent job of showing us each person’s journey and how we are entwined in life whether we want or need (for ourself) to be. Am looking forward to your next book – and am glad it will be out in 2011. All the best, Liz!

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