Release Day

It’s release day for The Way Back to Happiness, now available everywhere. Thanks to all those who early ordered/entered giveaways/sent good wishes. All your support is much appreciated!

Way Back in Kindle


2 thoughts on “Release Day

  1. I just finished the Summer Days collection of novellas. I enjoyed your story, “You Again”. However, it is obvious you know very little about Wisconsin tourism if you think a tourism article about it could only center on beer and cheese. It would center on the lakes, over 15,000 of them. Chicago is near the Wisconsin border. People from the cities come to Wisconsin for recreation. Even Hugh Hefner had a Playboy Club resort at Lake Geneva, WI at one time. There are also the beautiful cliffs and bluffs along the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers and Door County on Lake Michigan. The scenery originally brought people to Wisconsin Dells and are still and attraction along with the water parks there. Not to mention the people that flock to see Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Wisconsin was also the home of Frank Lloyd Wright. His home Taliesen and his school of architecture are still in southern Wisconsin as well as many homes and buildings he designed. Our capital Madison has an artsy/bohemian culture probably from the University of Wisconsin located there on the shores of Lake Mendota (one of the 3 lakes within the city limits. There are numerous other things to see in Wisconsin and someone writing a torism article about it would know that.

  2. Hi Jeanine–I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I meant no disrespect to Wisconsin, only to uninteresting in-flight magazines. Maybe you should be a travel writer. You do a great job selling your state!

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