Happy (Early) Holidays

Making Spirits Bright, an anthology I contributed to a few seasons ago, is part of a Kobo buy-2-get-1 free deal for the next week. The novella I wrote for it is a sequel to Miss You Most of All. So if you’ve read that book and you’re curious about what happens to the characters, “Runaway Christmas” gives you a Christmas-themed glimpse into their lives.


3 thoughts on “Happy (Early) Holidays

  1. I just finished Miss You Most Of All, loved it and was hoping for a sequel then I looked on your web page. I’ll definitely be looking for it and more of your books. This was the first and I enjoyed it immensely! Thanks for filling a few hours of my day,Joanne, Ontario Canada

  2. I just finished reading Miss you most of all and I enjoyed it so much I was wishing for a sequel then I came upon your website! Can’t wait to find the novella I’m hoping it’s available in a book as well. This was the first of your books I’ve read and I’m so happy to have found another author of great reads! Thank You,
    Joanne,Ontario Canada

  3. Thank you so much, Joanne! I’m so glad you liked Miss You Most of All. It might seem a little early to get into the Christmas spirit, but I hope you’ll enjoy the sequel, too. Happy reading! –Liz

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