Louise Faulk #3, coming soon!

Next up for the Louise Faulk series: An Orphan of Hell’s Kitchen, to be released on February 25, 2020.

In 1914, Hell’s Kitchen is an apt name for New York City’s grittiest neighborhood, as one of the city’s first policewomen, Louise Faulk, is about to discover when the death of a young prostitute leads her on a grim journey through the district’s darkest corners . . .
Filthy, dangerous, and deadly—Hell’s Kitchen is no place for a lady, but Louise Faulk is no ordinary woman. The amateur investigator turned rookie policewoman is investigating the death of young prostitute, Ruthie, who leaves behind a baby boy. Although detectives are quick to declare it a suicide, Louise is less certain after she discovers clues implying murder while attempting to find a caretaker for Ruthie’s orphaned son.
Uncovering the truth won’t be easy, especially since Louise is struggling to make a name for herself amid the boys’ club of the New York City Police Department. But Ruthie’s case keeps tugging at Louise, luring her beyond the slums’ drawn curtains and tenement doors, into an undercover investigation that often seems to conceal more than it reveals. Louise is convinced Ruthie’s secrets got her killed, but can she prove it before they catch up to her too?

Here’s the gorgeous cover:

An Orphan of Hells Kitchen cover


One thought on “Louise Faulk #3, coming soon!

  1. Greetings..Is there a way to receive an ARC to read and review? I am a Remote Reviewer as well as the Columnist for our County’s four-Branch Library system and my columns are published by-weekly in two local newspapers. If this is possible, please let me know by email: tenderheart@echoes.net My mailing address is: Nancy Narma 28618 State Route 92 Susquehanna, Pa. 18847 Thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter, Nancy L. Narma

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