Book Birthday for A Letter to Three Witches

I’m so happy that A Letter to Three Witches is out in the world today. I wrote the book at the height of the pandemic, which probably shows–in a good way, I hope! The adage for writers is that we should write the book we want to read, and a year ago I wrote a book I needed to read, full of hijinks and laughter and camaraderie between a tight-knit trio of cousins. If you’re craving a little escapism, the story offers a family of incompetent witches, enchanted cupcakes, a cat in need of therapy, and a little romance on the side.

Below are some buy links. If you can’t buy, I hope you’ll request it from your library–libraries are wonderful and support authors in so many ways! There will also be an audiobook version coming out next month!

Barnes and Noble

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